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Blue Heron Trail: Connections to the Upper Falls Greenway

The end of the Upper Falls Greenway is on the railroad embankment leading to an abandoned bridge over the river. A steep, rough path leads down from the Greenway to the end of the trail that goes to the Charles River Pathway Conservation Area.

In February 2018, the Newton Conservation Commission submitted a proposal to the Massachusetts Recreational Trails Program, under the auspices of the Division of Conservation and Recreation. The proposal was not accepted. If it had been successful, the grant funding would have been used to provide the long-sought connection from the southern side of the Greenway embankment down to the Charles River Pathway. In addition, another set of stairs would provide access down to the public easement to the north, connecting all the way to Braceland Park. This one installation at the Greenway would create a continuous trail from Hemlock Gorge all the way to the Blue Heron trailhead at the Needham end of the Needham Street bridge, with only two short diversions on city streets.

Map image is from the City of Newton GIS system.

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