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Charles River Path

In December, the Department of Conservation and Recreation opened a new section of the Charles River Greenway in Waltham, closing a gap between Elm Street and Moody Street.
The eastern entrance to the new section is at the north end of the Elm Street bridge.   Most of the new section was built on piers in the river, adjacent to the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation.
Seagulls hunt for herring and alewives at Watertown Dam. The fish ladder (under the cage) was built in 1972 to help migratory fish swim upstream to spawn.   The same spot in 1970. See more
A fisherman catches a 14-pound carp   Watertown Dam
    Black-crowned night heron
The path under water after record rainfall   A squirrel in its nest
Black-crowned night heron    
A heron waits for fish...   ...and finds one.
The all-time-record high temperature of 69 degrees on January 6th was 36 degrees above the average high temperature for the day. Information about global warming
On the Blue Heron Bridge    
Blue Heron Bridge   The East Coast Greenway is a planned trail that will link cities from Maine to Florida
A new footbridge under construction   Near Watertown Square
The Charles River Museum of Industry is along the path near Moody Street in Waltham   A new entrance to the path is under construction at Moody Street
Looking east from Moody Street   A Black-Crowned Night Heron on the dam at Moody Street
The dam at Moody Street   Early fall
A new footbridge just west of Galen Street   A Conservators tour of the path
Fishing   Fishing
Fishing   Bikers use new trail, still under construction west of Bridge Street
A new footbridge will span the Charles near the mouth of Cheesecake Brook, between Bridge Street and North Street   The approach to the new footbridge
A Conservators tour spots a yellow warbler   Bemis Mill, at Bridge Street
    Don't feed the geese

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