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The Friends of Cold Spring Park, with help from Eagle Scout Candidate Alex Rivero, Boy Scouts Troop 9 of Waban, and the Newton Parks & Rec department, has installed new walkways over some of the muddiest sections of the trail through Cold Spring Park.
Photos by Alan Nogee, Friends of Cold Spring Park  
Skunk cabbage    
Part of the informal boardwalk system in the central marsh    
Informal boardwalks in the marshy central area of the park
Removing invasive plants on NewtonServes day   Photos by Beth Wilkinson
A Great Blue Heron makes a rare visit to a marshy area along the exercise trail. Photos by Isaac Brody.
Removing debris from an old landfill on NewtonServes day
A small pond on September 29th, after a dry summer.   The same pond on October 4th, after three inches of rain.
Tim Winship of New Field Farm in Temple, NH, on his last day after 29 years at the farmers market    
Volunteers clean up debris from the site of an old landfill in the park
Cleanup photos by Robert Hutner
An unusual Eurasian Teal visited the park ...   ...and made a splash (learn more about this bird and its American cousin)
The teal became friendly with a mallard ...   ... and drew some human attention, too.
A spring peeper calling   Resting
    Maple flowers in Cold Spring Brook
An impromptu walkway through the marsh...   ... and a bridge across Cold Spring Brook
    On the Life Course
Panorama in early spring    
Algae in a pond    

An early snow

Early spring    
Exploring a creek    
Fall berries    

Photos by DB

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