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Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge

The circular dam from under the Route 9 bridge   The dam from above
Photo by Kenneth Mallory
Photo by Kenneth Mallory
The Circular Dam   The view upstream from the bridge includes the site of Newton's first mill on the Charles River, built in 1588.
Temporary fencing installed in 2006   From the echo platform under the bridge
DCR replaced a spillway dam that was in danger of failure.
Work underway to replace the spillway dam. A temporary dam (the blue structure) was built to divert water during reconstruction.
The Gorge then and now   Devil's Den
A goose finds a nesting place    
Water pours over the circular dam after record rainfall    
    Temporary waterfalls
The Silk Mill dam    
Devil's Den    
The bridge was closed for a few days...   ... and then reopened with temporary fencing and a more permanent repair
Walkers thronged the bridge after the MWRA announced that it would be closed due to unsafe railings. The bridge was reopened after temporary fencing was installed.
Part of the circular dam    
The entire circular dam, straightened out in a panoramic photo.
A hawk stays into November    
Devil's Den cave    
New echo platform at Echo Bridge    
Route 9 traffic reflected in New Pond   House under construction next to the gorge
A new footbridge   The old footbridge
    Testing echoes under Echo Bridge
Bench in memory of Kenneth W. Newcomb    
    New Pond
Devil's Den   Picnic

Photos by DB

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