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This walk is not suitable for young children, because it covers several unofficial trails, including some scrambling over a brush-covered former railroad bed, as well as walking along a busy road.

The route goes through the Leo J. Martin Golf Course, which is not open to walkers during the golf season. So this route should be used only from December through March. See this page for an alternate route that can be walked all year long.

In winter, the golf course becomes the Weston Ski Track. Walkers are welcome, but don't walk on any groomed ski tracks. Doing this would wreck the tracks for skiers.

This loop walk is about 3 miles long. Part of the walk is through Riverside Park and the Leo J. Martin Golf Course, with an extension across the Lower Falls Footbridge.

Part of this walk follows the abandoned railroad right-of-way that runs from Riverside Park south to the Lower Falls Footbridge. DCR has proposed turning this path into a new trail, shown as the "Riverside Rail Trail" on this map:

Newsletter articles about these proposed trails

Two Bridges Trail update, December 2017

The route description below starts from the golf course parking lot. You can also start from the parking lot on Recreation Road, just before the 1-mile mark on the map below.

From the entrance to the golf course parking lot, turn right and walk on the paved path.  
Continue on the paved path between the road and the ski area. Don't walk on any groomed ski tracks.  
As you approach Recreation Road, the path turns to the right. Stay on the path.  
Where the paved path ends, continue straight ahead (if snow conditions permit) alongside Recreation Road.  
If necessary, cross Recreation Road and continue on the shoulder, watching for cars.  
Continue across the Route 128 overpass. At the parking lot, take the paved footpath leading down towards the river.  
Cross the footbridge that was rebuilt in 2013.  
At the end of the bridge, turn right onto a rough dirt path.  
Continue along the bank of the Charles.  

Follow the path until it ends at a service road. Take a sharp left turn up a short, steep slope to the fence next to the MBTA railyard.


Turn right and walk onto the old railroad bridge.

Continue on the bridge across the access road, and on another bridge across Route 128.  
As you leave the bridge, the railroad right of way ahead of you is completely obstructed by brush. This route is proposed for conversion to a walking and biking path.  

Immediately after leaving the bridge, turn right and walk down onto an unpaved path.

Caution: This route takes you onto an active golf course fairway. Follow it only between December and March. In other seasons, follow this route instead.

Continue on this path, with the highway at your right, until you approach the Charles River.  
Turn left into the woods.  
Continue on this path, with the Charles now on your right, until you reach the edge of the golf course.  
Walk to the left of the fairway, keeping off of the greens, and off of any groomed ski trails.  
Turn left onto a short trail that leads towards Pine Grove Avenue.  
Pass through this gate onto Pine Grove Avenue.  
Across the street is another gate that enters the old railroad right-of-way. If the trail is clear of snow and you don't mind some scrambling over brush, enter the trail.  
But if the right-of-way is snow-covered, or if you'd prefer an easier and only slightly longer route, turn right on Pine Grove and turn left on St Marys Street to Concord Street. Then turn left to rejoin the route.  
If you stayed on the trail, cross the brush piles until you reach Concord Street.  

Arrive at Concord Street.

Caution: This route takes you along the Charles and then onto an active golf course fairway. Follow it only between December and March. In other seasons, turn right on Concord Street to return to the golf course parking lot, where the route began.

Or if you want to do an out-and-back along the Charles before returning to Concord Street and the parking lot, follow the description on this page.



Cross Concord Street and enter the marked Blue Heron Trail.

Cross the restored footbridge.  
Turn right on the path that runs between the Charles and Waterstone at Wellesley.  
Follow the path for about half a mile until it approaches the golf course.  
Turn left and follow a steep switch-back trail up a small hill.  
At the top of the hill, turn right and walk along the edge of the fairway.  
Walk straight ahead alongside the fairway until you reach Intervale Road. Cross the road, turn right, and walk along the side of the road to return to Concord Street. The entrance to the golf course parking lot is just to the left.  



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