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Leo J. Martin Golf Course and Riverside Park

Until it was closed for safety reasons in 2016, this underpass beneath the MBTA Framingham line connected Riverside Park to Charles Street in Newton.
    The pedestrian bridge in the foreground, now closed to the public, is scheduled for reconstruction in the next few years.
A view from the river of the bridge that was rebuilt in 2013.    
On June 14, 2015, Jerry Reilly led a large group on a walk along the Charles in the Riverside Park area. The walk was jointly sponsored by Historic Newton and the Newton Conservators. The walk covered part of the route of a long, informal trail along the river and an abandoned railroad right-of-way that has been proposed for establishment as an official trail.
A path along the Charles next to the golf course   An early robin and a late skier
The Charles from the trail in Wellesley    
The new upstream bridge built in 2013.   View of the new bridge from the Newton side of the Charles.
Reconstruction of the downstream bridge is scheduled for summer 2014.
Meanwhile, MWRA has paved and landscaped a nice path through their deep rock tunnel access site, the location of a major water main break in 2010. The path connects Riverside Park to the downstream bridge.  

On the Newton side, it was possible until recently to walk from one bridge to the other using an underpass below the MBTA Framingham line. Because of the poor condition of the underpass, the MBTA closed off access to it in 2016. (See 2017 photos.)

If the underpass is restored and the downstream bridge rebuilt, it will be possible to walk a loop trail beginning at Charles Street and Riverside Road in Newton, crossing one bridge into Weston, and returning to Newton on the other bridge. Plans for construction of The Station at Riverside mention the "potential" for walkways connecting the development to Riverside Park.

View looking downstream through the MBTA bridge   View from Weston into Newton
2011 and earlier    
Fishing in Riverside Park   Riverside Park
Riverside Park canoe launch    
    In 2011, plans were underway to repair this pedestrian bridge.

Photos by DB

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