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Webster Woods Threatened

In 2016, Congregation Mishkan Tefila sold 22 acres of land, mostly woodland, that is surrounded by the publicly owned Webster Conservation Area and Hammond Pond Reservation, to Boston College, whose development plans are unknown.

The Newton Conservators Board of Directors supports action by the city to protect Webster Woods.

Please contact Mayor Setti Warren and members of the City Council to urge them to support action by the city to protect the woods.

Herrick Green in Peril

Andover Newton Theological School is selling its campus in Newton Centre. Efforts are underway to preserve Herrick Green, the central open space on the campus.

Global Climate Change Hits Home

One of the hottest, driest summers ever took a toll on Newton's ponds, lakes, and streams.

Waban Hill Reservoir

The city of Newton has purchased this reservoir from the MWRA. Newton Conservators holds the conservation restriction on the property.

Save the Nahanton Park Woodcock Meadow

The rare Woodcock Meadow in Nahanton Park is threatened by the growth of invasives and woody vegetation. You can help restore the meadow. Learn more

Conservators 2016 Annual Dinner

Black Swallow-Wort: Unwanted in Newton

The invasive Black Swallow-Wort is spreading in Newton.


Charles River Greenway link completed

In December 2015, a key link in the Charles River Greenway in Waltham was opened, allowing hikers and bikers to travel off-road from Boston all the way to Moody Street in Waltham, and beyond.

Protect Our Herons

Herons live along the shore of many ponds, lakes, and rivers in Newton and nearby communities.

On August 19, 2015, this Great Blue Heron was killed by off-leash dogs at Arnold Arboretum in Boston.


June Doin'


Conservators 2015 Annual Dinner


DEP Approves Hammond Pond Floating Walkway

Conservators 2014 Annual Dinner



Digital Park Signs Installed in Three Conservation Areas


New Bridges and Trails in Riverside Park

Hemlock Gorge Dam Reconstruction

New Edmands Park Website

Nahanton Park to receive temporary fire station, permanent conservation restriction

Conservators 2013 Annual Dinner



Lower Falls Pedestrian Bridge Opens

Proposed Riverside Development

Riverside developer scaling back

Newton Conservators comments

Riverside development plan

One upside of the water chestnut infestation

Public Street Trees -- A Choice

Conservators 2012 Annual Dinner



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20th century brings success preserving public open spaces (Newton Tab, February 10, 2000)

Little gains, big losses mark a much-developed Newton (Newton Tab, January 28, 2000)

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