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Digital Codes Added to New Signs in Newton Conservation Areas

QR Codes Link to Conservators Website

The Newton Conservators, with the enthusiastic support of the Newton Conservation Commission, have added permanent QR code stickers to new signs that the Conservation Commission has installed at the entrances to every Newton Conservation area.

Each new sign includes a detailed map of the conservation area. As visitors with smartphones walk through the conservation area, they can scan the QR code sticker to see maps and other information from the Newton Conservators website and from the city website.

A new sign at the Frank Barney Conservation Area. Scanning the QR code, visible on the signpost in the photo (above left) and enlarged (above right), takes the walker to a special web page, simplified for viewing on a smartphone, with links to maps and other information about the conservation area.

During the pilot test of this project, which began in 2013, stickers were added to old signs at entrances to the Webster Conservation Area, the Norumbega Park Conservation Area, and the Helen Heyn Riverway Conservation Area. Now the project has expanded to cover all conservation areas in Newton. This map shows the location of all the QR stickers.

A "QR Code" can be read by most smartphones using a scanning app that automatically opens a particular web page when the phone is pointed at the code. For some Android phones, the standard camera app automatically scans a QR code and provides a link to its website. In addition, the Google Goggles scanner app is preinstalled on most Android phones. iPhone users can install the Google Mobile app, which includes a QR scanner. Many other scanner apps are available for the iPhone, Windows phones, and other smartphones.


During the pilot test, QR stickers were posted at entrances to Norumbega Park Conservation Area and two other conservation areas.
In 2012, we installed permanent QR-enabled signs in Ordway Park, at the corner of Grant Avenue and Everett Street, which is owned by the Conservators.

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