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Upper Falls Greenway Photos

A sculpture exhibit called "Beyond Boundaries" is on view.   A newsletter article about the exhibit.
The Greenway ends at National Lumber.   National Lumber's facilities appear to encroach on state-owned land that could become an extension of the Greenway.
A sign on Needham Street directs walkers to the northern entrance to the Greenway   An extension of the Grenway could provide a more direct route to Winchester Street, Centre Street, and Newton Highlands.
    Avalon at Newton Highlands has installed a gate permitting access to the Greenway
    The junction between the main Greenway and the spur leading to Needham Street
Along the spur trail   The spur is adjacent to the Newton Nexus parking lot
The entrance to the spur from Needham Street. South Meadow Brook is at left.    
A panoramic view by Ken Mallory shows the end of the Greenway as it reaches the Charles River. Industrial properties in Needham are at right.
A close-up of the bridge--Photos by Ken Mallory   View from the bridge
A guided walk of the Greenway was led by (from left) City Council Deb Crossley, Jim Lerner of the
Friends of the Upper Falls Greenway
, and Dan Brody of the Conservators (photo by Ken Mallory)
The Greenway is officially open, and kiosks have been installed at two locations.   The viewing platform at the Charles River is closed as it awaits some reconstruction work.
December 2015    
After the orginal contractor stopped work, the Greenway languished for a year. In Fall 2015, the City of Newton stepped in to install a stone dust trail surface and remove the railroad ties.
    Work remains to be done on the viewing platform over the Charles.
January 2015    
November 2014    
A school group uses the unfinished trail    
The new viewing platform at the Charles...   ...provides a nice view downstream.
The upstream view is less scenic...   ...and the view across the bridge into Needham is just plain ugly.
Looking down the trail from the bridge.   Old railroad ties await removal.
July 2014    
The bridge over the Charles is being turned into a viewing platform   The view downstream
The view upstream   The view across the river
The rails have been removed from the Oak Street crossing   Railroad ties are being turned into a flower planter just west of Oak Street
June 2014    
By early June, the tracks and ties have been removed    
A viewing platform will be built on the bridge over the Charles River
Some work remains to be done where the trail crosses Oak Street
May 2014    
Construction resumed in May 2014    
December 2013    
By December, most of the rails had been removed    
Old ties are stacked for removal    
October 2013    
Construction began in the fall of 2013 on conversion of the rail line into the Upper Falls Greenway
    The trail is used as a path even before the rails are removed
    The rails have been detached from the ties, and await removal
The northern end of the trail, at Easy Street   Spikes and plates are collected for recycling
Will Avalon at Newton Highlands come to regard the trail as an amenity, rather than a hazard to be fenced off?    
The former Newton Upper Falls Station, built in 1852, is pictured in this 1984 postcard, when the line was still used for freight service. A 1950 view.   The building is now the Depot Coffee Shoppe.
Looking southwest from Oak Street   At the Oak Street entrance to the greenway
A steep, eroded path leads down to the Charles River Pathway Conservation Area (Williams-Saco Streets)    
The Greenway will end at this bridge over the Charles River  

Photos by DB

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