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Guided Walks - Spring 2006

Each Spring and Fall, the Newton Conservators organizes a series of walks to local open space areas. These walks are led by knowlegeable leaders and are open to the public. They normally last for an hour or two. Some events are for bicycle or canoe. These walks are a great way to get to know open space areas in Newton. Below is the current walk schedule.

If you have questions about a walk or are interested in leading such a walk in an area that you know, please contact the walks coordinator.

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Cutler/Millennium/Charles River Loop

Starting at Cutler Park you will explore Cutler Park, Millennium Park and complete the tour by way of the Helen Heyn Riverway. These areas have been improved over the past several years and now provide a wide variety of trails, river landings and playing fields This is a long walk (2 ½ hours) and the leader has advised that the pace will be brisk and participants should be in sufficiently good shape to keep up with the group. This is early in the spring so hiking boots or heavy all-weather shoes are recommended.

Meet at the Cutler Park entrance 1/4-mile south of the Charles River Bridge, on Kendrick Street in Needham. Henry Finch (617-964-4488), Newton Conservators board member, will lead the hike.


Nahanton Park Mother’s Day Bird Walk

Woodlands, wetlands and meadows make Nahanton Park a wonderful place to view migratory birds in spring. This annual event of the Newton Conservators is always well received. This is a great program for novice birders who want an introduction, as well as for experienced birders. Bring binoculars, if you have them.

Meet at the park's Nature Center building, at the Nahanton Street entrance nearest the river. A parking lot is located at this entrance. The walk will be led by Cris Criscitiello (617-244-6397), a Newton Conservators board member.


Triangle Weekend

We encourage everyone to participate in the first Triangle Weekend, featuring the 24 th Annual Newton House Tour, sponsored by the Newton History Museum (Sunday, Noon-5:00 PM at the Jackson Homestead), and Newton Open Studios (Saturday and Sunday, Noon-6:00 PM, The Newton Plant Sale, sponsored by Newton Pride, will be held on Saturday only (9:00 AM-5:00 PM, ).


Aqueduct Tour

Henry Finch will lead a walking tour of parts of the Sudbury and Cochituate Aqueducts that run through Newton. This walk has grown in popularity over time but it still serves as a way to introduce new and veteran residents of Newton to this wonderful resource. The group leader is an active user of the aqueducts, both as a biker and runner, and is a great source of information about the trail system. You will walk close to backyards, but will also visit pinewoods, meadows and hills. In areas adjacent to backyards, please be respectful of the privacy of homeowners.

Meet in front of the Starbucks near the Waban MBTA Station. Call Henry Finch (617-964-4488) for info.


Kennard Park Walk

A walk along the trails of the Kennard properties, where a 32-acre post-agricultural forest has grown up on 19th century farmland that became an early 20th century gentleman's estate. In the 1980s, the property became a Newton park, adjacent to Brookline's 58-acre Lost Pond reservation. Explore South Meadow Brook, the mixed and conifer woodlands with colonial stone walls, a red maple swamp with century-old trees, and throughout, a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and ferns.

Meet at the main entrance at 246 Dudley Road. Trip leader Larry Burdick (617-584-4633) is a Newton Conservators board member.


Charles River Wildflower Walk

Carole Smith Berney will lead a Wildflower Walk along the Charles River from Watertown Square to Bridge Street. Walkers will receive a copy of her new Wildflower Guide to the Charles River. The walk will follow the newly completed Charles River Pathway and participants will identify wildflowers found on both the Watertown and Newton sides of the river. Distance is approximately three leisurely miles.

Park at the DCR (formerly MDC) parking lot off Pleasant Street in Watertown, adjacent to the Sasaki Landscape Office sign, and meet at the stone pillars on Galen Street. Carole Smith Berney is a photographer and naturalist, who has exhaustively studied and photographed wildlife in this section of the Charles River.


Angino Farm Tour

The Angino Farm will be planting its first crops under the direction of Newton Community Farm , which will operate the farm under an arrangement with the city. John Regosin, president of Newton Community Farm, will conduct a tour of the farm and show how Newton's last farm will continue as an active agricultural site to grow organic produce for Newton residents and provide a model for sustainable agricultural and environmental practices.

The tour will be lead by John Regosin (617-244-0736), a founder of the Newton Community Farm and Conservators board member.



Charles River Lake District Canoe Trip

An almost-annual favorite is the canoe trip through the Charles River Lake District, a mixture of residential, commercial and wetlands. It starts from the Charles River Canoe Service on Commonwealth Avenue and passes Norumbega Park, Fox Island, Auburndale Park, Weirs Cove, the Waltham Watch building, Mount Feake Cemetery, Purgatory Cove and stops just short of the Moody Street dam. These wetlands are well populated with ducks, geese, blue herons and the occasional hawk or egret, so you might want to bring your binoculars.

Meet at the Charles River Canoe Service on Commonwealth Avenue in Auburndale. Trip leader is Bill Hagar (617-964-2644), current president of the Newton Conservators. Parking is across the river.


Cheesecake Brook & Halloran Field Tour

The Cheesecake Brook corridor, with its banks along the brook, and the adjoining recreational and park lands, with a new entrance to the Charles River Pathway over the Blue Heron Bridge, has the potential to become a significant open space and recreational resource if some of the CPA, Community Development and city-funded proposals to improve the area are approved. Curtis Betts, along with representatives of the Newton Conservators and the Newton History Museum, will lead a three-mile tour of recent improvements to the area and will discuss plans for further improvements to the corridor.

Meet Curtis Betts of the Friends of Albemarle (617-965-1799) at the new gazebo that is adjacent to the tot lot at the Horace Mann School.






Weather: When in doubt check with the group leader.

Upcoming trips: Sign up for our monthly email newsletter to be informed when the next walk schedule is posted. The newsletter also will tell you about other Newton conservation news.

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