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    A small vernal pool in the fall
"As for telephone and electric service, the most economical way was to go westerly over our land to Elgin Street and in order to enable the Edison Co. to string its wires we had to cut a road through virgin forest for a distance of 1600 feet." -- Temple Mishkan Tefila: a history 1858-1958
Bare Pond in fall   The rear parking lot is just a few steps away from the trail that leads to Bare Pond
Equipment stored on the parking lot next to Hammond Pond Parkway    
Bare Pond from above   Bare Pond and the former MASCO parking lot (drone photos by Kenneth Mallory)
A new maintenance crew in the former deer park   Photo by Jennifer Steel
A new maintenance crew in the former deer park    
Bare Pond in Webster Woods   The MASCO parking lot on land in Webster Woods bought by Boston College in 2016
Bare Pond in the evening   Light from the parking lot illuminates trees near Bare Pond
The MASCO parking lot   A hawk enjoys a quiet weekend day on the parking lot
May 12, 2016: Mayor Setti Warren tours Webster Woods with preservation supporters
More information on preserving the woods   Photos by Jacob Stern
Prof. Richard Primack    
A pink lady's slipper orchid flowering in Webster Woods. Photo by Richard B. Primack   Richard Primack leads a Conservators walk in Webster Woods. Photo by Bill Hagar
An Album of Webster Woods Photos by Anne Kane
2015 photos by Dan Brody    
Bare Pond in fall (a similar view in spring)   Land behind Temple Mishkan Tefila is used for Longwood Medical Area parking. The temple is considering selling its property to Boston College.
This road and utility poles were built by the temple in the 1950s to provide utility service to its new building.
On the shore of Hammond Pond next to the mall...   ...nesting turtles and geese have moved in.
The area where a floating walkway is proposed.    
A spotted salamander studied during a vernal pool walk   Bare Pond
    A red-backed salamander found under a fallen log
A heron on the shoreline.    
"The Conservation Pledge," 1970   The location of the plaque
Photos by Octo Barnett
A heron takes off    
A stormwater retention area is being built to keep parking lot runoff out of Hammond Pond    
Spring pond    
The Street at Chestnut Hill parking lot   Ducks drinking parking lot runoff
Heron in Hammond Pond   Dragonfly
Heron in Hammond Pond    
Hammond Pond   Cake Rock
Gooch's Cave   Ledge near Hammond Pond
Old barn in deer park   MBTA track crossing
DCR parking lot   The Street at Chestnut Hill parking lot
Roxbury puddingstone   Shopping mall and Hammond Pond

Photos by DB

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