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Panoramic photo by Ken Mallory
The Treeway under construction   Photos by Ken Mallory
The new trail, called the Andree D. Wilson Treeway, is now open across the land protected by the conservation restriction donated by the Wilson family.   The entrance to the trail from Bracebridge Road.
A new trail will enter from Bracebridge Road onto land that is part of the conservation restriction donated by the Wilsons to the Conservators.   The trail will start at an opening in this fence
Signs at the edges of the conservation restriction land invite walkers to cross the property, known as "Jolly's Hollow." The signs warn: "Beware of the gardener--she talks." The gardener was Andrée Wilson, an active conservationist, who passed away in 2016. Andrée and her husband Richard were founding members of the Conservators.   The Wilson residence is visible at rear. The house, known as Mount Pleasant, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. More information about the Wilson family and the house is on this web page.
This bridge once crossed a stream that connected two small ponds, as shown on an 1895 map.   A portion of the Wilson Conservation Area, which the Wilsons donated to the City of Newton in the early 1990s.
An entrance to the conservation restriction land in the spring    

Photos by DB

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