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LOCATION: Newton Center

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Walnut Street  

MBTA: Route 59    Directions from Green Line  

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Nearby: Cold Spring Park   Bullough's Pond

SIZE: 100 acres

LONGEST WALK: 1.5 miles


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Newton Cemetery Corporation


Created in the 19th century naturalistic style pioneered by Mount Auburn Cemetery in Watertown, Newton Cemetery is beautifully landscaped. Visitors are allowed to quietly view the grounds, but jogging, dog walking, food, and bicycling are not allowed.

On this serene spot you will find four ponds, graceful hillsides, and over 26 species of unusual trees such as marshall maple, castor auralia, shagbark hickory, hardy rubber tree, zelkova, amur corktree, camperdown elm, and weeping beech.

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October 2003 Tree Tour

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A Quiet Place to Walk in All Seasons

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