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Pollinator Story Walks Installed in Local Parks

Now you can take a walk in a park and enjoy a book while strolling! Earlier this year a group of residents and City Councilors formed The Newton Community Pollinator

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Introducing the Pollinator Toolkit!

Our environment is at risk because of precipitous declines in habitat, native plants and the insects, birds, and other animals that depend on those plants. The pollinators that are an

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Christina Street Pedestrian Bridge

A former railroad bridge across the Charles River has been used for many years as an informal pedestrian connection between Christina Street in Newton and the Blue Heron Trail in

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Conservation News

mosquito at rest

Mosquito-borne Disease Risks

On September 16th, the risk level for West Nile Virus (WNV) in Newton was raised to “High.”  The risk level for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE or “Triple E”) remains as

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Financial and Related Reports

You may view or download any of these documents. • 2020 Financials, Treasurer’s report, Audit Committee Report, MA Form PC/IRS990  • 2019 Financials, Treasurer’s report, Audit Committee Report, MA Form PC/IRS990  •

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Hammond Pond Parkway Redesign

Hammond Pond Parkway is a four-lane road that carries fast-moving traffic between Beacon Street and Route 9 in Chestnut Hill. The Parkway runs through the middle of Newton’s Webster Conservation

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Board photo

Policies Adopted by the Board of Directors

Conflict of Interest Conservation Restriction Monitoring Investments Land Selection Criteria Record Retention Whistle Blower

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