Grants Program


Newton Conservators provides grants to Newton’s schools, educational institutions, groups, and institutions for the purpose of fostering its mission. The grants are generally modest in size; requests of between $250 and $1,000 may receive priority, although smaller and larger grants will be given full consideration. They can be made for a single event, a longer-term project, or for multi-year funding. Projects for multi-year funding must be reported upon and re-applied for annually.

Program Criteria

1. Projects must enhance the conservation values, stewardship, scientific knowledge, public awareness and/or preservation of Newton’s green open spaces and habitats. Grants advancing environmental education in Newton will also be considered.
2. Projects must not be solely for beautification purposes.
3. Projects which involve broad participation (students, groups, volunteers, etc.) or in which the result will be available to many people will be given preference.
4. Projects providing high public awareness or visibility will be given preference.
5. Projects can be one-time events or activities or may be extended over a long period of time.
6. Projects must follow a clear, written description of the project with a specified starting and ending time.
7. Projects must be supervised or directed by one or more specific individuals if within an organization (e.g., a teacher if a school project), and the written proposal must be submitted by or endorsed by the supervisor.

The Newton Conservators Will:

1. Provide specified funds for materials, equipment, books, speakers, transportation, documentation, etc.
2. Work with applicants to clarify proposals and assist in attempting to make them acceptable (meet our criteria).
3. Have the right to publicize the project.
4. Entertain proposals which may involve joint grants with other organizations.
5. Assume no liability for events which happen during the program period or as a result thereof.

How to Apply:

  1. Download the Grant Application Form, a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Complete the form on your computer, and save it as a DOC or PDF file. Include your name or the project name as part of the file name.
  3. Attach the form to an email that you send to


Send any questions to

Proposal Deadlines

Applications are reviewed and grants are awarded three times a year, with application deadlines of October 31, January 31, and May 31. Any applications not meeting requirements or submitted after the deadline will be considered in the next grant cycle. Proposals will be reviewed during the board meeting in the month following submission, and applicants will generally be notified 4-6 weeks after proposals are submitted.


Successful applicants will be required to submit a final report on the project, and may be asked to make a report at our annual meeting or at another time.

Recent Grant Awards