Locator Maps and Individual Park Maps

On each of these pages is a map showing the location of the major parks and conservation lands in Newton. On either map, clicking on a number will take you to a page describing that property. Individual maps for park and conservation areas are available via a link from the main page for the park.  The linked pages are in pdf format that can easily be printed.

Locator map and property descriptions

Newton Conservators trail guide map

Maps on Your Smartphone

We recommend that you install the free Avenza app on your smartphone, and then download the free “Newton Trails Map.”  This map, created from the City of Newton Geographic Information System, has a comprehensive set of trails, and can be used even in areas with limited cellphone coverage.  Your location appears as a blue dot on the map.  Learn more about this app.

Many other apps and web pages allow you to view trail maps on your smartphone.  This list of Smartphone Trail Maps compares some of them.

City of Newton Maps

Newton Conservation Areas map

Map is GPS-enabled. To see your location, press the location icon while viewing the map on your smartphone.  (Note: as of early 2024, the location feature wasn’t working reliably on iPhones, or on Android phones using the Firefox browser.  The map works fine with the Chrome browser.  As an alternative, the Avenza app described above offers access to the same map data with a more reliable location feature.)

List of conservation areas (with links to individual maps)

Newton Parks map (GPS-enabled)

List of city parks

2011 Open Space Map

Wetlands, Flood Plains, and Conservation Areas

Newton Geographic Information System (GIS)

Tree canopy map showing coverage during summer leaf-out

Historic maps of Newton

Purchase a Conservators Trail Guide

Purchase a copy of the Conservators’ booklet, Walking Trails in Newton’s Park & Conservation Lands

Other Maps

Canoe and Kayak Launching Sites

Free USGS topographic maps from

Topozone topographic map

Metropolitan Area Planning Commission Greater Boston Cycling and Walking Map

Massachusetts Trails website