The Environmental Show

The Environmental Show on NewTV was a volunteer educational partnership between the Newton Conservators and Green Newton (formerly called Green Decade).

This show series can be found, along with other videos (webinars, lectures, events, nature clips), on our Newton Conservators YouTube Channel.

Learn more about your parks and open spaces with the Newton Conservators and learn to think globally and act locally with Green Newton. Newton Conservators shows were hosted by Cris Criscitiello and other members of the Conservators.

The Environmental Show began in September 2004 with a program that raised crucial concerns about building an environmentally sound Newton North High School. Entitled “High Performance Building Technology,” it was sponsored by Green Newton and featured host Beverly Droz, President, and guest David DelPorto, an expert in “green” building techniques.

Panorama in early spring

“Saving Newton’s Last Farm” arrived in October 2004, just as the Board of Alderman prepared to consider appropriating Community Preservation Act funds to buy and preserve the historic Angino Farm on Nahanton Street . The Newton Conservators, sponsor of this show, are also the proponents of the community farm and have worked with the Community Preservation Committee to develop the proposal that was approved by the Board of Aldermen in December 2004. Other shows produced by the Conservators featured Cold Spring Park, Dolan Pond, and the wildlife of the Charles River.

Both organizations are dedicated to highlighting issues important to Newton residents. Tune in to learn more about your parks with the Conservators, and to learn to think globally and act locally with Green Newton.

Programs produced by the Conservators for the NewTV series, The Environmental Show, are now viewable on the web, along with other videos, on our YouTube Channel.

June 2015 note: we’ve recently changed the site where shows can be viewed online. If you have trouble with any of the links on this page, please contact us.


The Environmental Show Episodes


Kesseler Woods – Community Preservation in Action

This program focuses on the acquisition of Kesseler Woods via a public/private partnership. This was one of the last large, privately owned pieces of open space in Newton. By connecting

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Great Blue Heron

Flora and Fauna of the Charles River

“Flora and Fauna of the Charles River” celebrates the Charles River with a virtual walk along the one-mile stretch of the river from Watertown Square to Bridge Street. For the

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North of Quabbin: Spring 2008 Lecture

Newton’s pure water originates in the Quabbin Reservoir in central Massachusetts, yet the area around Quabbin is unfamiliar to most residents except for perhaps birding and fishing enthusiasts. Allen Young,

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Newton’s Nature: Survey of Open Spaces

People use their open spaces and parks in varied ways. Some go there for exercise, others to find a sunny spot for a picnic or a chat with friends, but

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Invasive Alien Plant Update – A Newton Perspective

The City of Newton is under attack from alien invaders. They have come from far away and are taking over our back yards, parks, and conservation areas. Slowly and quietly

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Newton Angino Community Farm

Newton Community Farm, Newton’s last farm, is turning out crops again after many dormant years. This 2006 program tours the farm, the greenhouse, and the various plantings with Farm Manager

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Newton’s Aqueducts: Preserving Our Historic Green Pathways

This 2006 program takes viewers on a tour of Newton’s Aqueduct pathways, highlighting both their special joys and the need to preserve these beautiful greenways for future generations. Beautiful footage

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Appreciating the Charles River

The Charles River is Newton’s great waterway. “Appreciating the Charles River” takes a look at the history, recreational opportunities, and efforts to keep the river clean and accessible for the

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Blue Heron Bridge Opening

This program covers the official opening of the Charles Greenway and Blue Heron Bridge on Sept. 23rd, 2005. This was the formal opening of the DCR’s new one mile greenway

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