At the annual dinner meeting each spring, the Conservators makes awards to people or groups who have advanced the cause of open space conservation in Newton:

Environmentalist of the Year

The Environmentalist of the Year Award goes to the individual or group that has made the greatest contribution to the protection of Newton’s environment. This award was first presented in 1981.

Charles Johnson Maynard Award

The Charles Johnson Maynard Award is given each year to recognize efforts “to improve biodiversity, habitat reclamation, and natural resource protection.” Charles Johnson Maynard was a naturalist and ornithologist who was born in Newton in 1845.

Directors’ Award

One or more Directors’ Awards are given each year to individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to the preservation of open space in Newton.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Occasionally an individual is recognized for their outstanding contributions in a lifetime of work preserving open space in Newton.