A Naturalist’s View of Cold Spring Park

“A Naturalist’s View of Cold Spring Park” features colorful birds, plants and amphibians found in this 67-acre public preserve. Dan Perlman, Biology Professor and Director of Environmental Studies at Brandeis University, shows how plants grow and change in Cold Spring Park during the four seasons, and also how non-native plants have moved into the park. Jon Regosin, of the Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Division, joins him to take a look at the vernal pools at Cold Spring and the various salamanders, toads, frogs and insects that breed and live in and around the pools at different depths. Cris Criscitiello, a retired physician, serves both as host of the February 2005 show and guide to the beautiful warblers, woodpeckers, hawks, ducks, and other birds that visit and live in the park.

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