Walking Trails in Newton’s Park & Conservation Lands

Walking Trails in Newton’s Park & Conservation Lands is a 70-page guide containing detailed descriptions and trail maps of 34 parks and conservation areas, featuring ponds, gardens, trails, canoe launches, nature guides, rock climbing, scenic views, handicapped access, geological features, and bird watching areas. The guide also contains photos, driving directions, interesting historical details, and an overall map of showing the locations of the 34 natural areas. View a map.

The 2013 edition adds a map and description of the Chestnut Hill Reservation (including the reservoir and the Waterworks Museum), and makes numerous updates to the maps and text for other parks.

Author: Judy Hepburn, Pat Robinson, Lucy Caldwell-Stair, and Dan Brody
Publisher: Newton Conservators
Published: June 1, 2013