Birds and the Spread of Invasive Plant Species

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Tuesday, December 1, 7 pm
Birds and the Spread of Invasive Plant Species
Peter Alden, Naturalist / Birding Expert

Peter AldenAs winter approaches, berries and the seeds of invasive plants are an essential food source for birds. Author and naturalist Peter Alden, co-founder of the Bio Blitz, will present the mixed feelings environmentalists have to this phenomenon. We want to support declining bird populations but how to keep the new plants from taking over other native species?  Peter will share stories and photos and welcomes questions.   Here is a signup link if you care to join the free webinar.

Peter has a new website, with resources for beginning birders.  Why Spark Birding?   As the website describes: “Do you recall a time when you were first fully entranced by the outdoors? Was there a defining moment that transformed you into a passionate observer nature? This memory was a spark moment.”  Read some of these birding spark stories here or submit your own.