DCR Public Meeting #2 on Improvements to Hammond Pond Parkway

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

DCR is planning a pedestrian- and bike-friendly redesign of Hammond Pond Parkway between Beacon Street and Route 9. The Parkway runs through the middle of Newton’s Webster Conservation Area and DCR’s Hammond Pond Reservation.

An initial public meeting was held online in January 2021.  A second online public meeting will be held on November 10th.  At this meeting, DCR will present revised plans for the redesign, and will ask for public comments about the plans.

More information about the meeting, and a link to join online, are in this document.

After the meeting, the presentation will be available for viewing at https://www.mass.gov/dcr/past-public-meetings. DCR encourages the public to share additional feedback, with a deadline for receipt of comments by DCR on December 1, 2021. Comments may be submitted online at www.mass.gov/dcr/public-comment.

1955 aerial photo