Japanese Knotweed Pull at Hammond Pond

Japanese Knotweed Pull at Hammond Pond


Sunday, 05/26/2019    
9:30 am - 12:00 pm


Hammond Pond Reservation
Hammond Pond Reservation, Newton, MA

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Japanese Knotweed is a bamboo-like invader from Asia that can create dense 8’ tall single-species stands. It is a tough adversary, not because it’s spiny or strong or even particularly hard to pull. But any small root fragments left behind spring back to life the following year. Scientists seek biological control agents, but until they find some, we are stuck controlling the plant by hand. Persistence pays with this species, and eradication is possible, but it takes several years to truly finish the job we’ve started along Hammond Pond. Bring pitchforks, garden spades, and hand pruners, if you have them.

Leader is Eric Olson, 617-872-9928.