Jumping Worms in Field and Forest

Jumping Worms in Field and Forest


Wednesday, 04/20/2022    
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

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Nearly all earthworms in New England are introduced from Europe and Asia.While some species of earthworms benefit some species of plants, invasive earthworms have caused major shifts in North American plant communities. Jumping worms alter the structure and chemistry of the soil dramatically, leaving a grainy soil full of worm excrement (castings), and they can damage lawns, landscapes and forest habitat.This talk will present the impacts and history of earthworms (and jumping worms in particular) and will provide information on identification of jumping worms.

Presented by Dr. Annise Dobson, a postdoctoral researcher at the Yale School of the Environment. Currently, she is working to identify the movement of jumping worms through NewYork City and assessing their impacts on urban plant communities.

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