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Election Day is November 3rd.  Early voting is available to all Massachusetts voters, both in person and by mail-in ballot.  This documents provides non-partisan information about how, when, and where you can vote.

Voter Registration

The Massachusetts deadline to register to vote in the November election is October 24th.  You can register online:

A link on this website allows you to check whether you’re registered.

How to Vote

You can choose to vote in any one of these three ways, without needing a reason.

  1. In person on Tuesday, November 3rd.  Polls are open from 7am to 8pm.  You can find your polling place at
  2. During the in-person “early voting” period, from October 17th through October 30th.  Voting locations and schedules will be posted at no later than October 9.
  3. By mail.  Anyone can vote by mail.  Details are here.  The Secretary of State recommends that you apply for a ballot no later than October 20th.  If you live in Newton, you can drop off your application, and eventually drop off your completed ballot, at a drop box outside of the main entrance to Newton City Hall.  This reduces the likelihood of post office delays preventing you from voting.

Many other cities and towns also have drop box locations.  A list is here.

If you voted by mail in the September primary, there’s a good chance that you checked the box on the ballot application asking for a general election ballot to be mailed to you.  To find out, fill in the form on this page:

To be counted, your ballot must be received by the your city or town clerk by the time polls close at 8pm on November 3rd.  To be safe, you should plan to mail your ballot at least a week (or more!) in advance, or drop it off at your election office drop box by November 2nd.