Webinar: Using iNaturalist to Improve Your Identification Skills

Webinar: Using iNaturalist to Improve Your Identification Skills


Wednesday, 09/13/2023    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Are you interested in improving your plant or animal identification skills?  Did you ever wonder how many species of plants and animals inhabit Newton’s parks and conservation areas? iNaturalist is an incredibly powerful web-based tool for natural history learning and biodiversity tracking.  For example, you can take a few pictures of an interesting butterfly on your phone and post them to iNaturalist.  iNaturalist can help you identify the butterfly with computer-driven algorithms and crowd-sourced recommendations from a community of experts.  You can also query iNaturalist to look for other observations of the butterfly in Newton or any geographic area you are interested in.  The Newton Conservators is using iNaturalist for open space biological inventories and bioblitz events. Join Jon Regosin for this webinar to learn about this important tool, including a tutorial and tips to help you use iNaturalist.

Jon is the former Deputy Director of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and is a returning board member of Newton Conservators, for which he’s worked on variety of projects including the preservation of Newton Community Farm and Newton Bioblitz. Jon’s iNaturalist observations can be seen here.

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