What About Chestnut Trees?

What About Chestnut Trees?


Monday, 02/22/2021    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Our neighboring organization, Waltham Land Trust has an interesting Zoom webinar this month.  Hear about Chestnut trees from Waltham Land Trust member, Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis, Emerita, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven. Bring your questions to ask after the slide show!  Dr. Sandy has researched American chestnut trees, Castanea dentata, and other nut trees for more than 50 years.

American chestnuts were used and spread by Native Americans; the Appalachians were the heart of their range. They were huge forest and timber trees. There were few chestnut trees in Massachusetts before European settlement, but because of their larger nuts, European species were quickly planted. Sadly, two imported diseases greatly reduced the populations and vigor of American and European Chestnuts. Because of their unique qualities, efforts have been made over many decades to produce hybrid chestnuts for forest and timber, as well as for orchards and eating.

Dr.. Anagnostakis will share findings, stories, and photos from her extensive studies, including this picture of a magnificent specimen from Connecticut in 1905.  Look for the tiny human next to the tree’s base in the picture to the right!

Questions concerning chestnut trees’ potential for restoration and adaptability to climate change, as well as where to find them locally, will be answered.   Registrants will receive the Zoom link the day of the presentation.   Register for this event at HERE.