Inventory of Plants and Animals Found in Newton’s Natural Areas

Land Management Committee, Newton Conservators

The Land Management Committee of the Newton Conservators began a survey of the natural areas within the City of Newton in the fall of 2005. These surveys were completed by groups of committee members on a weekly basis throughout the year. Committee members ranged from inexperienced to expert in identification abilities. A dated master list was created for each individual natural area.

The Newton Master List in this document shows the overall survey results. This document establishes a baseline of existing species, which allows us to detect changes over time. We will be able to learn if species are disappearing, and can monitor the progress of invasive species. Once the Land Management Committee has enough historical data, it will become possible to identify more subtle changes retroactively.

We will have a sense of the relative “wildness” of the various open spaces, which could affect decision making with regard to siting future developments or re-assigning open space land uses.

Yellow morels (Morchella esculenta) in a Newton backyard (photo by Henry Finch)

For more information about birds found in Newton, consult the Newton bird list page.