Jonathan Elcock

Currently living in Newton, Massachusetts, I am a physical therapy student who enjoys photography as a serious hobby. It all began in my early teens when I grabbed my mom’s Canon Powershot and ran outside to photograph some sun rays that were shooting through a cloud. At first I only photographed cloud formations and sun rays. It wasn’t until after I purchased the very first Canon Rebel that I began to explore other types of photography, experimenting mostly with landscapes and macros.

A few years later, after my interest for photography had fallen off, I received the Canon Rebel t3i as a gift. The fire began to burn again and I became obsessed with perfecting every style of photography I could. After a short portrait stint that included a wedding and some senior portraits, a few pet photography gigs, and two years of shooting college lacrosse games, I focused on nature and set my sights on insect macro photography. Once I became tired of focus rails and all the other accessories, I moved on to bird photography, which remains a love of mine today. Ultimately, I came back to where it all started – landscapes.

Photographing landscapes requires one to view the world in a different way. Since beautiful weather and scenery do not always result in beautiful photographs, I’ve enjoyed learning to appreciate the beauty of everything I see even if there’s not a perfect photograph to be found. New England has endless scenery and whenever possible I try to find new areas to explore.

A selection of Jonathan’s photos of the Boston Harbor Islands appeared in our Summer 2017 newsletter.

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