Kenneth Mallory

Kenneth Mallory, the editor of the Conservators Newsletter since 2017, is the former Editor-in-chief of Publishing Programs at the New England Aquarium, where he helped produce over twenty books and wrote nine non-fiction books for children ten years and older. His photography was an important part of each of these books for Houghton Mifflin, Crown, Simon and Schuster, and Harcourt Brace, among others.

During his time at the Aquarium his photographic specialty was in wetlands such as the Everglades in Florida, the dry forest in Costa Rica, and wildlife from the Pantanal in Brazil. Since his retirement, he and his wife Margaret have traveled to document people of different cultures including India, Guatemala, and Mexico.

For more images and information, vist his website:

Photos of Newton Community Farm by Kenneth and Margaret Mallory.