Land Preservation Criteria

In November 2004, the Conservators’ board of directors adopted criteria to guide our efforts to promote land preservation in Newton. The criteria will be used both to evaluate whether the Conservators should accept a gift of land, as well as to target our efforts to acquire land.

These are the highlights of the new criteria:

Conservation Values

  • Open Space and Scenic Views: This property is natural or scenic; joined to other conservation land; or benefits the neighborhood with its natural properties.
  • Public Policy: This property has been identified by a governmental body as worthy of preservation or it is subject to environmental regulations.
  • Ecological / Habitat / Wildlife Significance: This property has significant natural habitat or is a realistic corridor between such habitats; or it supports rare or endangered species.
  • Watershed Protection: This property protects important natural land within a watershed and helps to ensure the quality and quantity of water resources in the area.

Requirements and Considerations

  • Organizational Issues: Protecting this property is the right thing, legally, ethically, and publicly, for the Conservators to undertake.
  • Physical Issues: The property is natural, safe, not contaminated, with well-defined boundaries, and will not require additional utilities.
  • Financial Issues: The Conservators has or can obtain the financial resources needed to protect this property.
  • Stewardship Issues: The Conservators has or can obtain the human resources needed to protect this property and has a written plan for doing so.
  • Community Issues: The community will support the protection of this property.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in discussing the donation of land for preservation, please contact us. In addition to helping you or others determine whether the land in question meets our criteria for preservation, we can explain the tax credits and other financial incentives that may apply.

Complete statement of Land Preservation Criteria

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