Newton Angino Community Farm

Newton Community Farm, Newton’s last farm, is turning out crops again after many dormant years. This 2006 program tours the farm, the greenhouse, and the various plantings with Farm Manager Greg Maslowe, farm educator Liz Gleason, and her students. Angino Farm was once one of several small family farms on the south side of Newton, until land values and development rendered them extinct. This farm, located at the corner of Winchester and Nahanton Streets was purchased in 2004 with Community Preservation Funds, a special fund voted by Newton residents to preserve open spaces and historic sites, provide passive recreation, and offer low income housing. Matching funds are provided by the state. The Newton Conservators had advocated strongly to save Newton’s last farm both as an historic agricultural vista and an opportunity for our children and grandchildren to see and experience firsthand the way our food grows. The farm is now open to families that have bought crop shares for the entire summer and to educational programs for children. A farm stand is also open to anyone who wants to stop and buy some delicious organic vegetables. The farm’s produce has also been available at the Friday farmer’s market at Post 440 in Nonantum.

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