Newton’s Aqueducts: Preserving Our Historic Green Pathways

This 2006 program takes viewers on a tour of Newton’s Aqueduct pathways, highlighting both their special joys and the need to preserve these beautiful greenways for future generations. Beautiful footage shows where the paths begin along the Charles River and run through Waban and Newton Highlands to the Newton Center Playground. Host Cris Criscitiello points out the wildflowers, trees and birds along the way. Engineer Frank Steiger explains how the huge aqueduct pipes originally brought water into the city, dropping six inches a mile because they used only gravity, no pumps. Doug Dickson, a past president of the Newton Conservators and a member of the Newton Conservation Commission, explains efforts to maintain and preserve these pathways. Henry Finch, who has frequently given tours of these pathways for the Newton Conservators, explains the ins and outs of several areas along the way.

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