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  Mary Hunnewell Fyffe Footbridge

LOCATION: Newton Lower Falls and Wellesley

Fyffe Footbridge photo
Park on Washington St. in front of Gregorian Rugs. Enter a pathway (indicated by a stone marker) next to the Gregorian parking lot. (The lot is reserved for customers; use on-street parking.)

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SIZE: several acres

LONGEST WALK: 0.1 miles (bridge is part of Wellesley's Charles River Path and the 16-mile Charles River Link Trail)




Dramatic views of Charles River rapids contrast with peaceful, green riverbanks. Visitors can walk on a long,rebuilt Victorian-style bridge just above the fast flowing spillway, the falls, the millway, and the Cordingly Dam Fish Passage. Grassy sloping shorelines and old mill buildings, now retrofitted for offices and residences, maintain the feel of a significant site of early industry along the Charles.


before 1906 A wooden footbridge built across the Charles.
1909 Footbridge rebuilt in Victorian design.
1983 Rebuilt to replicate the 1909 bridge. Dedicated to Mary Hunnewell Fyffe of Wellesley, advocate of the Charles River. Acquired by the state from joint ownership by Newton and Wellesley.


The recent history of the footbridge is recounted in the book, Walks in Wellesley.

Discover Historic Newton Lower Falls brochure

An older bridge on this site, in a postcard
The bridge in 1906

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