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Charles River Pathway Conservation Area
(Williams-Saco Streets)

LOCATION: Newton Upper Falls


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Location and driving directions on Google Maps for entrances at:

Williams Street  Saco Street

Other maps and aerial photos:   Newton Assessor   Bing   

Possible future connection to: Upper Falls Greenway

Nearby: Hemlock Gorge

SIZE: 1.5 acres

LONGEST WALK: 0.5 miles


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Conservation Commission


Field with crabapple trees, wildflowers, and mowed path paralleling the Charles River. The pathway leaves Conservation Commission land and continues on a conservation restriction path alongside condos.


The pathway ends at an old railroad embankment. At the top of the embankment is the Upper Falls Greenway, a walking and biking trail that extends a mile towards Newton Highlands.

The pathway may someday become part of the Blue Heron Trail

Adjacent to the conservation area is the Saco Lowell Shops Housing Historic District.

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