Charles Johnson Maynard Award

The Charles Johnson Maynard Award has been given each year since 2003 to recognize efforts “to improve biodiversity, habitat reclamation, and natural resource protection.” Charles Johnson Maynard was a naturalist and ornithologist who was born in Newton in 1845.

2022 Jon Regosin for his expertise and years-long work protecting endangered and threatened species of plants and animals and his leadership in conserving, enhancing, and rehabilitating wildlife habitat in Newton and throughout Massachusetts.

2020 – 2021 Alan Nogee for his leadership and tireless efforts to establish and lead the Friends of Cold Spring Park, raising public awareness and support to protect and enhance this large, diverse, and beloved open green space.

2019 Don Lubin for his efforts to discover and identify ferns in conservation areas throughout New England. For his strong commitment to promoting biodiversity, and for the decades he has spent sharing his knowledge of ferns with all of us.

2018 Cris Criscitiello for many years of dedication to the environment, open space in Newton, and the Newton Conservators. For tireless advocacy for bird and other wildlife through environmental programs on NewTV, and for organizing the Newton Christmas Bird Count

2017 Carol Schein, Newton’s Open Space Coordinator since 2004, for her support and assistance to groups that also are working toward the Maynard Award’s goals, such as the Newton Conservators

2016 Jon Orren and Thomas Gwin  for their work at Newton North and Newton South High Schools to educate and to inspire the next generation of Newton’s conservationists and scientists.

2015 Prof. Richard Primack, for his innovative work on the real and current effects of climate change (and conservation biology in general) and his tireless efforts to educate the public and to encourage them to become involved in citizen science

2014 Pete Gilmore for opening our eyes, ears and minds to the birds and beauty around us through his guided walks, photos, and writings

2013 Eric Olson, founder of the Newton Invasives Task Force, for his commitment to the removal of invasive plants to protect Newton’s biodiversity

2012 State Representative Kay Khan, and George Kirby and Sean Roche of the Newton Bicycle Pedestrian Task Force, for their effort to turn an unused and dangerous old railroad bridge into a lovely, pedestrian-friendly green space, restoring the banks along the river, connecting Newton and Wellesley, and providing access to trails on DCR land along the Charles River

2011 Duane Hillis and Suzette Barbier for their work re-energizing the Friends of Nahanton Park and making sure the park is protected

2010 Elaine Gentile, Director of Environmental Affairs, City of Newton, for her successful implementation of single stream recycling

2009 David Backer for his leadership of the city’s Environmental Science Program, a summer program of environmental field study for dozens of Newton teens

2008 Charles Wagner and the Cheesecake Brook/Eddy Street Project Committee for their efforts to improve and preserve Cheesecake Brook

2007 Beth Schroeder and the Survey Team of the Land Management Committee for their detailed study of the plants and animals that inhabit Newton’s conservation lands

2006 Frank Howard for his work to help develop a disease-resistant strain of the American Chestnut

2005 Dr. Modestino “Cris” Criscitiello for his work as spokesperson for the Newton Conservators portion of the NewTV Environmental Shows, his organization and participation in the Newton Portion of the Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count and his many actions to promote awareness of biodiversity, reclamation of wildlife habitat, and protection of our natural resources

2004 Stephanie Bacon for her work toward the reclamation of Hammond Pond

2003 Ted Kuklinski, founder of Friends of Dolan Pond, for his active work as a self-taught naturalist in the City of Newton, starting the Newton Conservators Lecture Series, and creating the Newton Conservators e-mail newsletter


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