Barberry (Berberis thunbergii, Berberis vulgaris)


Both Japanese barberry and common barberry (from Europe) are escapees from gardens, where they have become well established even though no longer for sale.  Long arching canes of small leaves, with sharp spines at nodes, and bright red small oblong berries.


Beloved by landscapers for the purple color (of Japanese variety) and ability to prune into hedges.  Escaped into the wild, can form large shrubs crowding out native species.  It has been found that the moist environment of its root mass is haven for ticks.


Hand pull, dig, weed wrench.

Links and Resources

For more information on how to identify and control barberry, please refer to the resources below:

  1. Ecological Landscaping Alliance for identification and control
  2. Common Barberry and Japanese Barberry at Mass Audubon for identification
  3. PennState Extension for identification and control