Bedrock Geology of Newton and Environs

Bedrock Geology of Newton and Environs


Saturday, 10/27/2018    
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Hammond Pond Reservation
Hammond Pond Reservation, Newton, MA

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The geology of the Newton area tells a fascinating story of a time about 585 million years ago when Newton was part of the great southern continent of Gondwana and not far from the south pole. The rocks record a history of great volcanic eruptions and sedimentary basin deposits (the famous puddingstone!) in areas between the volcanoes.

Join us and learn a bit about how the rocks tell us their story. This trip will not be one of the usual Conservator “walks” since we will need to carpool to different sites in and around Newton to see the different rock types. If there is time and interest, we may choose to go a bit beyond Newton to view rocks within a volcanic caldera from that time.

Meet in the parking lot at the entrance to the Hammond Pond MDC Reservation area-east, at the west end of Hammond Pond off of Hammond Pond Parkway near Rt. 9. This is behind “The Street” complex near the movie theatre (see Newton Conservators’ Walking Trail Guide, pg. 35).We will visit rocks in the woods near here, then carpool to the other exposures.

Trip will about 3 hours. If there is moderate rain or worse, the trip will be cancelled. You can call the leader the evening before if in doubt.

Trip Leader: Chris Hepburn (617-964-1137)