Zoning Redesign Community Engagement Outreach

Zoning Redesign Community Engagement Outreach


Wednesday, 12/02/2020    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Zoning Redesign Community Engagement Outreach
(from the Newton Planning Department)

Wednesday, December 2, 7 to 9 pm
Thursday, December 3, 12 to 2 pm

We are reaching out to invite you to community engagement events and efforts for Zoning Redesign. We are focused on (1) updating Newton community members and on (2) getting feedback on what questions the City Council should focus on in 2021.

Please join us for a forum that includes a presentation, ample time for small group discussion, and opportunities for you to tell us what questions should be explored and how to best communicate with you in the coming year. These will take place on December 2nd from 7-9pm and December 3rd from 12-2pm EST. Please RSVP here.

Please see additional information for these two events:
(1) Here are the Zoom links and information for the two events (these will
also be posted on the Zoning Redesign website the day before):

Wednesday, December 2, 7-9pm

Zoom link
Meeting ID: 891 4601 6653
Passcode: 544508

Thursday, December 3, 12-2pm
 Zoom link
Meeting ID: 857 7799 5852
Passcode: 169464

(2) Here are the prompts for our break-out discussion groups, in case you want to reflect on these questions ahead of time:

  • What do you want to better understand about Zoning Redesign?
  • Which of the Zoning Redesign goals feel most important to you?
  • And why? (Remember, we’re planning for the next 50 years and beyond!)
  • What currently excites you the most about Zoning Redesign?
  • Or conversely, what worries you?
  • How would you like to be engaged for Zoning Redesign in 2021?

(3) Lastly, we will offer the option to break-out room attendees to answer the prompts through an interactive Google Document called a ‘JAM Board,’ alongside the live conversation. You can familiarize yourself with this software by watching this YouTube tutorial RSVP, sign up for updates, and access info at www.newtonma.gov/zoningredsesign. For questions or concerns, email zoningredesign@newtonma.gov.