Four Conservation Restrictions in the Pipeline

The Conservation Commission has been working busily on four Conservation Restrictions. Two CRs, protecting portions of the Jick and Field properties abutting Hammond Pond, will conserve the wooded swamp and floodplain around the pond as envisioned in the Open Space Plan. Property by property we are slowly reaching that goal. The Field property also has a beautiful stand of trout lilies in a portion of its CR area. This will not be a public access CR, providing only conservation benefits.

The Jick CR has gone to Joel Lerner of the state Department of Conservation and Recreation for comment. The Field CR is in final form and ready for final Law Department review and Conservation Commission approval at the February meeting.

The Bradford development (The Residences on Boylston Street , opposite the intersection of Langley Road and Route 9) has a small wetland in the back, which we wanted to remain wild as it abuts woods in the rear yards of some of the Dudley Road houses. The wooded area has the usual small mammals, but there are also deer. Jon Regosin noted salamander eggs in the wetland area where there’s a vernal pool. This is prime habitat for them-wooded areas plus a pool-so this one is for open space without any public access to conserve its habitat values.

The Bradford CR is in final form, approved by the Conservation Commission and by the Law Department. It will be going to Joel Lerner for final state approval soon.

Negotiation of the Wilmerding CR is now final and final language capturing the agreement is being drafted by the Law Department. It is expected to be approved by the Conservation Commission at its February meeting. This CR will be held by the Newton Conservators in accordance with state law, because this property was purchased with CPA funds. This is the first of several CRs that will be held by the Conservators.

Larry Burdick, Anne Pearson (for the Conservators) and Martha Horn (for the City) have agreed on the substance of a database, abstract and procedures for our ongoing project to monitor all of the city’s conservation restrictions. The workspace for Larry and Anne and access to the city’s computer system are now in place. All that’s left is a minor scheduling matter and the system that has been designed will be ready to go. The Conservators’ help has been extremely valuable as this project is time consuming and would not be possible without their efforts.

Martha Aherin Horn

March 2004