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After 16 years of incremental changes, the website has received a complete make-over. Scott Lewis of has modernized the appearance of our site, made it work better on smartphones and tablets,

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New Trail Marking in Newton Conservation Areas

The Newton Conservation Commission, with some assistance from the Newton Conservators, has begun a project to greatly improve the mapping and marking of conservation areas in Newton. The project includes these elements:
The Conservation Commission website has been enhanced by the addition of an overview page with a list of all conservation areas,

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Sudbury Aqueduct Petition

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority owns the Sudbury Aqueduct, which still serves as a backup link in the water supply system for metropolitan Boston. The MWRA is now allowing cities and towns along the way to officially “open” the Sudbury for walking along its crest—allowing the Newton section of the aqueduct to connect to segments of the aqueduct leading all the way to Framingham.

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