“Friends of Albemarle” is Formed

The city’s proposal to site a football stadium at Albemarle Park spurred a group of Newtonville neighbors to take a more active role in preservation and management of the neighborhood open spaces. The Friends of Albemarle was created to “support and improve Albemarle Park , Cheesecake Brook, and other open spaces in north Newtonville, for the enjoyment of everyone in the community.” The long-term goal of the group is to work with Parks & Recreation, other city departments, the Charles River Pathway project and other groups on developing a master plan and cohesive strategy for Albemarle Park, Avery Wood, Cheesecake Brook and the Charles River Pathway.

In spring 2004, the Friends have several events and projects in the works:

  • On April 25, the Friends of Albemarle will be working with NewtonServes teams on a Spring cleanup of Cheesecake Brook and Avery Wood, and maintenance of the wooden playground equipment at the Park.
  • An outdoor discussion of potential improvements , a step toward development of a master plan for the area, will be held in mid-May at the Park.
  • A walk through the park , including Avery Wood and along the Cheesecake Brook corridor to the newest part of the Charles River Pathway, is tentatively planned for June.

For more information on activities or to join the group, contact Curtis Betts at 617-965-1799 or Margaret Albright 617-969-0497.

March 2004

Margaret Albright