GREAT HORNED OWL, Bubo virginianus


Photo by Isabelle Stillger
GREAT HORNED OWL, Bubo virginianus

In some years during early morning hours of the Christmas Bird Count, the owl team has located as many as three or four great horned owls within the city limits. They are often found in Kennard Park, Newton Cemetery, or the Webster Conservation Area. When their mating season begins in February, you may hear their deep hooting calls at dusk. During daylight hours, American crows may help locate one of these owls. If a wary crow spots a great horned owl roosting in a white pine, it calls to other crows in the area. They gather in large numbers, and with loud cawing, fly in circles around the tree and threaten the owl, forcing it to move on. This is why it’s worthwhile to investigate any band of agitated crows.

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