Places to go . . .

Are the days at home getting long? Are you looking for something to do with your kids? Social distancing doesn’t seem as isolating when you’re out in nature, sharing open space with all the plants and animals that live there.

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Birding at Nahanton Park

No doubt that Newton is a wonderful place for people to live. But as a heavily built up suburb, it is limited to how much suitable habitat is available for birds and other wildlife.

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A Visitor from the Woods

The Barred Owl is an occasional visitor to Newton parks and conservation areas. In March 2017, this fine specimen spent an entire day perched in a tree above a bird feeder in a Newton Highlands back yard.

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Common Nighthawk

Nighthawk Migration

As evenings become cooler in late August and early September, the southward migration of the Common Nighthawk begins. It’s a process you can miss entirely unless you know a bit about it.

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Great Horned Owl

GREAT HORNED OWL, Bubo virginianus

This Month in the Newton Conservators Almanac
December 2013
In some years during early morning hours of the Christmas Bird Count, the owl team has located as many as three or four great horned owls within the city limits.

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Owls in Newton

Are there any owls in Newton ?
Yes, there are at least two species regularly residing in the city, but as nocturnal creatures, they are more often heard than seen.

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