Land Owned by the Conservators

Thanks to generous donations of land by several Newton property owners, the Conservators own three open space parcels.

In addition, we hold legally enforceable conservation restrictions on many other pieces of open space.

If you are considering donating land or a conservation easement to the Conservators, please contact us. More information on how we can work with you to protect land can be found on this page.

We own and protect these open space parcels:

Ordway Park

This half-acre parcel in Newton Center was willed to the Newton Conservators in 1971 by Priscilla Ordway. The land is parcel 61029 0016A on the city assessor’s database.


Awtrey Dell

This half-acre parcel in Newton Corner was donated in 2005 by Tony and Pamela Awtrey. The land is parcel 72023 0042A on the city database.


Dexter Woods

This quarter-acre parcel in Newtonville was donated in 2004 by Carolyn Fine-Friedman. (Read the donor’s letter of intent.) The land is parcel 24030 0014A on the city database.