Mayor Secures Crystal Lake Beach Expansion

photos courtesy Citizens for a Better Crystal Lake

The public beach at Crystal Lake got a boost in early 2007 with the acquisition of the adjacent Hannon property, to expand the heavily-used site. Now an additional adjacent property, the house at 230 Lake Avenue, has been put under agreement for acquisition by the City. When the purchase is made, the city’s Crystal Lake site will have tripled in size from its original 3/4 acres (where the existing bathhouse is located) to a full 2 1/4 acres, with a much longer shorefront. The expanded site will increase public access and provide a variety of boating, swimming, and other recreational opportunities.

Speaking at his press conference on September 4, 2007, Mayor Cohen announced, “Last weekend we closed another successful summer season at Crystal Lake. If you were among the 906 adults or 663 children who purchased memberships, . . . you would have noticed how the acquisition of 20 Rogers Street has made a world of difference in the Crystal Lake experience. We now have use of our entire beachfront and a natural grassy area that will soon be open for picnics and other passive recreation activities. “I am very pleased to announce that last week the City took an exciting step closer to enhancing the Crystal Lake experience even more for many generations to come. We were recently informed by the owner of 230 Lake Avenue that she intended to sell her home and property. The City acted quickly by getting the lot and home appraised, and after some brief negotiations, last week our offer in the amount of $1.95 million was accepted by the owner. . . .

“The acquisition of this property is especially important because it would provide a natural link to the City owned property . . . at Levingston Cove. If our application is approved, we will use the Crystal Lake Task Force [to ensure] . . . input on how best to use the property and the home itself. While we haven’t decided exactly how best to use this property, one thing is clear: the acquisition of this property will provide our residents with a significant strip of additional beachfront land that will enhance our quality of life, and the quality of the Crystal Lake experience, for years to come.”

Peter Kastner and Eric Reenstierna

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