Norway Maple


Most of the older street rees in Newton are Norway Maples; the prolific seeds have escaped into woods and unmanaged areas. Snap a leaf stem (petiole) off and look for a bit of white sap showing; sugar or red maple will look clear with no milky white.  Sugar maples have more deeply lobed leaves with sharper points.  Norway fruit (2 seeds in papery wings) has a broader angle than the more acute angle of other maples.


Prolific seeder forming thick groves. The very large leaves form dense shade under which little else can grow.


Pull seedlings and small trees before they get big! Remove the parents! Weedwrench larger trees, or cut at base (and remove resprouts annually). Join with your neighbors to get reduced cost on tree removal!


Links and Resources

For more information on how to identify and control Norway Maple, please refer to the resources below:

  1. Mass Audubon for identification
  2. Green Cambridge for identification
  3. for identification and control