Oak Hill Pathway


A public access pathway from Ober Road goes over privately owned lands to the top of Oak Hill. Oak Hill is a drumlin with an elevation of 291 feet that was formed by glacial action. There is sandy till in the outcrop at the top of the hill, and rocks of varying sizes from sand to cobble size intermixed in the till.

Take in the scenic view of the Charles River Valley and the Blue Hills. You can look across to Bald Pate Hill, which is another drumlin (302 foot elevation) with typical rounded elliptical shape.


Size: 1 acre    Longest Walk: 0.2 miles    Acquired: 1980



2019 Update: The entrance to this trail is blocked by vegetation. The reminder of the trail is unmarked and very hard to follow.

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Public access to path was reserved by the city as part of the sale and adaptive residential reuse of the Peabody School property and the H. H. Richardson-designed Bigelow House.


Conservation Area, Geologic Features, Scenic View, Woods Trail

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Newton Assessor’s Map ID: [easement across various parcels]

The Bigelow House was renovated with the assistance of the This Old House television program, in a series broadcast in 1981.