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  Sawmill Brook Conservation Area


LOCATION: South Newton

Brook photo

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Vine Street  Marla Circle

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Adjacent to: Kesseler Woods

SIZE: 20 acres

LONGEST WALK: 0.8 miles (a longer walk that includes this park)

ACQUIRED: 1979 to 1985

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Conservation Commission


Trail follows brook through wooded upland and wetland and by old stone fences. Walking, birding, nature study. Dramatic puddingstone outcroppings.

Area connects to a much larger green corridor running through West Roxbury and South Newton. Near the Marla Circle end of the trail, you can walk into St. Joseph Cemetery and from there, cross Baker Street to Brook Farm Historic Site. From here, trails lead to Millennium Park and to Helen Heyn Riverway.


1979 City acquired northwest parcel using state self-help funds.
1982 City acquired southern parcel from Temple Beth Avodah and from Benjamin Kaplan, using self-help funds.
1985 City acquired middle parcel by eminent domain, using state self-help funds.
2004 NSTAR sold 42-acre Kesseler Woods to a developer. City of Newton received a conservation restriction on about 30 acres, including 9-acre West Kesseler Woods alongside Sawmill Brook. The larger Kesseler Woods parcel lies across Vine Street.
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