September 2017: Identify This Place

Win a free one-year Conservators membership for yourself or a friend.

This will be a two-part contest.

Part 1:

Take a photo showing the Charles River that you took from a high vantage point above the river in Newton or a neighboring city or town. (Your chance of winning will be improved if your vantage point is at least 100 feet above sea level.) By October 31st, email the photo to . Tell us where you took the photo. GPS coordinates or a link to a spot on an online map would be appreciated.

Part 2:

In the Winter 2018 newsletter, we’ll publish the photo we like best, and ask readers to identify the location. We reserve the right to publish other photos in the newsletter or on our website, with a credit line identifying the photographer.

The winner of each part of the contest will receive a one-year new, gift, or renewal membership in the Conservators.

Update: We received no entries to Part 1 of this contest.

Please don’t send us any pictures taken from Echo Bridge. It’s a lovely view, but too obvious.

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